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Freights and biotechnologies

Air freights, ocean freights, road freights…

Our experience is large enough to handle, and large enough to simplify the task. Terms, conditions and way of delivery are in your hands. We listen and we hear.

Our service is the high-quality logistics of finding what material, chemicals or equipment you need.

Raw materials to buy in UkraineDo you want fast and easy service? No doubts, no problems, no wasting time?

Do you want to get rid of those difficulties and to get exactly that material or installation you need?

We believe, if we can’t explain the process simply, we don’t understand it well enough.

To order chemicals ukraine

To order chemicals ukraineThat’s why our main word is “simplicity”, and that’s why we offer consulting and full processing of your special request (including any budget and even difficult-to-get orders).

We help in reaching out the world, where you can find a lot of possibilities to order the variety of goods, as well as chemical raw materials and equipment from the world’s famous manufacturers, who included in an international leaders list.

Why choose us:

  • Delivery organization ukraine-we work with any individual order and give you individual approach;
  • production installation to buy in ukraine-we relief the whole process: searching, contacting with the seller, ordering and shipping; provide the delivery even of the small cargos too;
  • we ensure the possibly highest level of service and freight safety;

The efficiency of the work we do is very important for us.

As important, as we care about our environment and wastewater treatment.

We are proud to be the official representative of Nviron Biosolutions Inc.’ (Canada) bioproducts here, in Ukraine.

We sell the incredibly effective line of an enzyme-based products, Sanex (Санэкс), which help to treat and process cesspools and septics wastewater in an advanced recycling technologies level; to treat and clean sewers and pipes and to solve wastewater and odor problems.

Bio Septix Sanex to buy in UkraineWaste can cause huge problem in your everyday life,

so we protect your environment, your house, flat, factory or office in a best way

it should be – we give you Sanex (Санэкс) - the enzyme bioproduct for treating and processing of organical wastes. 

Future belongs to good service, good quality and cleaning technologies,

like our company provides every day for you: and just look around, feel the fresh air – Sanex (Санэкс) bioproducts easily win in a fight for purity and clean surroundings

Бактерии Био Септикс (Bio Septix) для очистки выгребных ям

Биопрепарат Bio Septix Санэкс (порошок) - высокоэффектив­ное бактериальное средство для очистки выгребных ям, септиков и канализации в домах и квартирах.

Купить Био Септикс Санэкс Активатор компоста

Биопрепарат Bio Septix Санэкс Активатор компоста- высокоэффективное бактериальное средство для быстрого получения компоста.

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